Friday, October 21, 2016

Highland Chieftain (Murray Family, #21) by Hannah Howell

Highland Chieftain (Murray Family, #21)Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It had been quite a while since I'd read a historical romance, and even longer since I'd read a book by Hannah. I'm glad I took the time to read this one as it did not disappoint. To the best of my knowledge, I don't believe I have read any of this particular series prior to this book so it can be read as a stand-alone if desired.

A strong - if young - heroine... an equally strong hero who both respects and admires her... a brood of needy kids... danger, intrigue, and romance - all the ingredients for an enjoyable interlude in the past. Bethoc ,who has beaten the odds of illegitimacy, a weak-natured mother and an abusive step-father to become a beautiful, compassionate, and strong young woman responsible not only for herself, but for her baby sister and the many brothers who have been brought home over the years. Callum despises men who use their strength to abuse women and children... and is saved from a rather desperate situation by Bethoc.

I love the imagery Hannah's writing invokes, and was easily able to "lose" myself in this story.

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